Lee Computer Services

How IT works in Baytown

I give telephone quotes you based on your determination of the issue for free. I work from Baytown. I will travel to your location and do the necessary repairs to get you up and running.

When I come over to your address in Baytown, I get 60 bucks plus mileage to check out your computer. If I find a simple solution to the problem then that's the whole price.

If its software related then I can fix it easily unless it requires a new operating installation, then that's more.

If the hardware part needs to be replaced then the cost is the price of the hardware and a small installation charge.

I can take the computer to my workbench for operating reinstalls and such; usually it gets done within a day or so. You can call me from Baytown with questions or phone support for free. If you drop off your machine the cost is less.